Mineral Complex


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Healthy bones require more than calcium alone. To actually strengthen bone, it has been found that calcium must be consumed together with a variety of other nutrients. While a balanced diet provides much of what we need, our modern lifestyle can affect the proper ingestion, digestion, and absorption of minerals. This formula is a unique synergistic blend of the nutritional core elements necessary for optimal cellular and systemic function.* Use this product to support the normal removal of heavy metals, antioxidant protection, energy metabolism, healthy prostate and thyroid, and to help maintain blood sugar already within the normal range.* 

  • Multi-Mineral Formula. Mineral Complex supplies major and trace minerals in chelate and citrate forms for improved absorption.* 
  • Natural Ingredients. This formula includes Vitamins C and B6 in addition to Flax Seed, Alpha-lipoic acid, and Kelp Algae to provide antioxidant support in bioavailable whole food forms.* 
  • Enzyme Blend. Enzymes are included for effective delivery of all nutrients.* This formula also contains more than 20,000 HUT of protease supporting systemic health.* 


Health Benefits: Transformation’s Professional Protocol™ Mineral Complex supplies the minerals and nutrients for good muscular, skeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine, reproductive, and nervous system health.*

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