Is your gut leaking?

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The term “Leaky Gut Syndrome” is used to describe the condition of “Hyper permeable Intestines”. This is a medical term that means the intestinal lining has become porous. Constant inflammation in the gut is creating even more open spaces, which can become larger in size, and the screening out process is no longer functioning properly. This results in larger undigested food molecules and other foreign bodies (yeast, toxins, and waste), which a normal healthy gut does not allow through into the blood stream.

It is amazing how many write about “Leaky Gut” and the causes from stress, medication, improper foods, and I believe pure confusion. I have read inaccurate and false information on the Internet about this syndrome. Interesting is one article’s take on the dependence of where the planets are in one’s charts.

Leaky Gut can be confusing, but it’s becoming more and more of an epidemic. Many of the causes and cures of Leaky Gut are widely debated, but some doctors are becoming more aware of the condition. Drs. Oz & Weil recommend some blood work for allergies and they do recognize the problem. Others actually state that they do not recognize the term.

However, most of the information on the different sites is not necessarily from medical advisors. The most useful and well-written articles seem to be those who actually suffer from some form of it. They are even writing booklets and offering them on their site. After reading much of their information it seems they were diagnosed with Celiac or Crohn’s. If not just offering advice they offer vitamins, oils and other supplements because those with the syndrome are not able to get their nutrients for the cell. Unless the gut is balanced the supplements will not do much good.

A few mothers have asked whether baby’s can suffer with leaky gut? Some avid readers have even suggested it is a “good thing” for baby’s to have leaky gut and goes on to say it protects the baby. ENOUGH WITH THE CRAZY!


Lets try to make sense of this Leaky Gut Syndrome. Since they brought up the infant I think we should start right there – in the beginning: An embryos digestive system starts building as soon as the nervous center is finalized in the first 18 days. The digestive system is beginning to form and even processes a watery liquid at 20 days old.

It is all such a wonderful miracle when you think on it. The embryo is only 1/100 inch long but its heart is beating with its own blood, which can be a different type from Mothers!

Around 32 days the digestive system’s esophagus (tube through which food is swallowed) forms a groove of tissue that separates from the trachea and we are now only 1/16 of an inch long.

9 weeks old all our essential organs have at least begun formation. Red blood cells are produced in the liver. This marks the development of the small intestine as the digestive tract continues toward maturity. It is during this very important time in the development of our digestive tract that the propensity to make digestive enzymes is produced.

Ten to eleven weeks the ability to make digestive enzymes for the rest of our life begins while in our ninth week and ends at 12 weeks. The pancreas is secreting insulin. The villi (finger like projections that absorb nutrients) are developing in the intestines. The first crypts are seen in the duodenum and jejunum. Brush borders and digestive enzymes continue to develop in the tenth through 12 weeks (Lactase, maltase and glucoamylase) are to increase with gestation in preparation for mother’s breast milk at birth. That is it – whatever takes place in those 3 weeks or 21 days sets up our ability to produce digestive enzymes in our body for the rest of our life!

Every other system in our body will regulate itself based on the health of the digestive system and what we can or cannot effectively digest.

Lets look at what it takes to digest just one glass of milk: it takes our metabolic digestive enzymes from our mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gallbladder, pancreas and liver just to properly digest that one glass of milk.

Can babies or any one of us develop a leaky gut?

If you or your child suffers from Leaky Gut Syndrome you will need to replace the mucosal lining of your small intestine with supplemental digestive enzymes when you eat.

Supplemental digestive enzymes:

  • Breaks food down properly and releases the nutrients for the enzymes to deliver to the cell – cell acquisition.
  • Supplemental protease enzymes between meals for the cleaning up of waste in the blood.  Protease also works to eliminate chronic inflammation.
  • Probiotics to create a healthy bacterial environment.



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