Children and Enzymes - FAQs!

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Children and Enzymes: FAQs

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Should children take enzymes?

In order to make sure your child gets proper nutrient acquisition, you will want to promote optimal digestion, a healthy immune system, and a healthy GI tract with proper elimination. Therefore, if your general philosophy towards health is to prevent and be proactive, you should definitely give your child enzymes. Transformation’s clinic has also success- fully applied enzyme protocols with various digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation, colic, reflux, allergies, eczema, asthma, cystic fibrosis, and autism, to name just a few.

How do I give the digestive enzymes to a baby?

When breastfeeding, we first suggest that the mother take the basic enzyme protocol – a digestive formula, a proteolytic formula, and a probiotic – to ensure that her digestion is optimal. Many times this calms the baby’s digestivesystem as well. To support the baby’s digestion still needs assistance, you can easily and safely administer enzymes.Simply mix the powder in a small amount of tepid water (approximately 1cc) and, using a syringe or medicine dropper, give it to the baby before the normal feeding. At times, it may be difficult to give the enzymes prior to feeding. If this is the case, you may give the enzymes to the baby after breastfeeding. If the baby is being formula-fed, the enzymesshould be mixed with 1cc of tepid water and given just before feeding, as described above.

Do not mix the enzymes with formula in the bottle, as it will begin digesting the formula immediately. If it is difficult to give the enzymes priorto feeding, the enzymes may be given after feeding.


Are herbs recommended for children?

TransformationTM does have licensed health care professionals who choose to give several other TransformationTM products to their younger patients, i.e., those formulations containing herbs. However, our general philosophy is to keep it simple with the basic protocol of enzymes and probiotics only. If you have a question about any specific ingredients, please contact our Technical Support staff at 1300 657 705 or email at


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