"Tummy Troubles" by Dr. DicQie Fuller-Looney

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Babies have limited digestive enzymes from birth until they reach approximately thirty-six months of age. Their DNA is programmed to provide only the digestive enzymes to digest their own mother’s milk after birth. Around the age of eighteen months their teeth begin to come in and their intestines are prepared for carbohydrates. This remains true until they are around the age of thirty-six months (three years) when their digestive tract is then able to deal with some greater micro-organism population and the small and large intestines are ready to accept or tolerate sugars in their diet.

This growing period of establishing their gut, hormones, neurotransmitters, and micro-organisms will finish about the time they go into puberty (teenage years). Until this time they are in a delicate growth period taking place between their bodily systems (such as the digestive system, endocrine system, reproductive system, and immune system) and their homeostatic balance. These children will benefit greatly if given supplemental digestive enzymes the minute they stop taking in mother’s breast milk or with the introduction of food they are not intestinally ready to receive.

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Women in general often do not breast feed long enough or sometimes at all. Digestive enzymes are absolutely critical if babies begin their life ingesting formulas made from soy, dairy, and/or any other modified organisms or hormones. I recently studied the different infant formulas on the market for a friend of mine and soon discovered there are over six hundred formulas offered for infants through toddlers. Most formulas contain carbohydrates and sugars, however the amount of modified foods in some formulas literally overwhelmed my senses.

We must become aware of the growing possibilities that genetic engineering in modern agricultural technology has now modified our food sources beyond what our human digestive system can recognize or our immune systems can defend against.

Each person has approximately 20,000 to 25,000 genes carrying 3 billion bits of information that constitute a specific instruction book for each body. When some of those bits become scrambled or otherwise distorted, diseases may result. And keep in mind that 80% of our immune system is found in our digestive tract along with the body’s inflammatory responses.

I am questioning the cost of our children’s and young adults’ inabilities to adapt to the onslaught of manipulated proteins in our foods. We are seeing a rise in celiac disease, allergies, food sensitivities, diabetes, early menopause, and andropause amongst our young adults.

Manipulated opportunistic micro-organisms or molecular proteins added into our food sources whether to lessen caloric intake or to protect our crops may be the origin of these problems.

My degrees in nutrition and health science no longer serve me with all the necessary tools to stay ahead of these ever growing epidemic proportions of childhood disorders or dysfunctions. This is why am I spending time educating and informing others about this rising concern for our children. One of the concerns closest to my heart is our children’s and young adults’ health. My own personal focus is our altered food sources and what they are doing to our children and young adults alike.

What can we do to change this? We can start by feeding our children “real” food such as organic foods. We can also give them supplemental digestive enzymes that are formulated specifically for their young and/or not fully developed digestive systems.

Supplemental digestive enzymes are more necessary now than ever before. We are all too often left trying to figure out how to deal with the consequences! I believe if anyone can do this it is those of us who are awake, aware, and ready to protect our children.

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